Embodybee is a 100% womban owned business, living and creating in community on Gumbaynggirr country.  It is our passion to produce and create high quality Hive and Herb medicine products. We strive to source as much locally grown and organic ingredients as possible. Everything is small batch and hand made. Practicing and teaching bee guardianship. Our vision is to re-sacralise the bee and bring back these ancient folkloric medicines for health and beauty. 

“Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine.”

By bringing these products into your daily life you are nourishing your body and living this ancient alchemy. Together lets come back to the simplicity of radiating natural health and beauty through BEEing. 

Folkloric Alchemy of Hive and Herb

Incorporate Hive and Herb products into your everyday life for health, wellbeing and beauty for a high frequency existance.

We are committed to bring you all these preventative medicines to help up lift humanity.

Made by the bees, the earth and loving hands.