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Preconception pack

Preconception pack

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Consciously conceive with the magic of the hive. 

Horny Honey to get your hunny in the mood-
Raw Honey,
Muira Puama,
Organic Cinnamon,
Organic Ashwanganda,
Horny Goat Weed,
Pine Pollen,
Organic Carob,
Organic Cordyceps,
Schisandra Berry,
Organic Panax Ginsing,
Drone Homogenate. 

The Honeyed Wombxn for overall womb health-
Raw Honey,
Organic Maca,
Organic Goji Berry,
Australian grown red date,
Organic Dong Gui,
Peony Root,
Organic Schisandra Berry,
Organic Liquorice Root. 

Nectar of the Goddesses to help balance hormones and embrace the secret ingredient which makes a Queen bee grow her reproductive organs-
Raw Honey,
Bee Pollen,
Royal Jelly,
Drone Homeogentate. 

Save $13 by buying them together in this pack. 
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