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Queen Bee Deodorant

Queen Bee Deodorant

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My all natural EMBODYBEE stick deodorant will leave you feeling fresh, dry, smelling good, all while soothing your skin at the same time.  

High quality ingredients in a sexy cardboard recyclable, easy to use pusher. A enticing fragrance that is attractive on either a woman or a man. This product is unisex. 

This product contains no bicarbonate soda unlike many other natural deoderants which can irritate the skin particularly if you are an extra active or hot under the arm kinda person. By incorporating bentonite clay gives a detoxing element to your daily routine. This special sedimentary volcanic ash has many benefits. It absorbs odors, absorbs toxins from the skin by creating a leaching effect around the under arm lymph nodes (where a lot of toxins are stored). It extracts heavy metals from the skin. It is calming and soothing to the skin (so no more under arm chaffing).

Ingredients- Shea butter. Jojoba oil. Coconut oil. Beeswax. Arrowroot powder. Bentonite clay. Eucalyptus oil. lemongrass oil.  
A generous 60 gram plastic free cardboard pusher. A little goes a long way it should last you 3-6months. 

Lemongrass oil is a common essential oil commonly used by beekeepers to attract a swarm in the Spring to move into a the hive they desire. It is a well loved scent by me as I have very fold memories from deeply inhaling to stay calm and present when swarm catching and becoming engrossed by the overpowering scent of the Queens Pheromone... the best way I could describe the scent would be Lemongrass!

This is a 100% plastic free product. The sticker is paper and printed with plant based inks and glues. So you are easily recycle or compost your cardboard pusher. 

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