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The Bee Whisperer

The Bee Whisperer

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A beautiful book written by my mother inspired by life’s passion and purpose 🐝

The Bee Whisperer’s appearance in Barrington has tongues wagging and the small-town rumour mill working overtime. 
School term begins with a massive bee swarm.
Principal Alex Macintosh needs help and Ayla Forrest arrives at just the right time. 
But what she does next blows him away.
Ayla is seeking a sign. An indication the community will accept her, and her daughter Skye.
Alex is fascinated by the newcomer and keen to know more, but he has his own daughter to consider.
Young builder Harry Stewart has his sights set on Ayla too and makes sure she knows it.
Will she be drawn to either of them?
Settle in for Ayla's journey - with a cast of colourful characters, this story will tug on your heart strings and make you laugh out loud.

I have a limited amount of signed copies available
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